GALLERY: Touchdown Kuala Lumpur with Lewis, Valtteri & PETRONAS!


Check out what the boys have been up to in the build-up to the 2017 PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix!

  • We think they like it, you know…

  • Group photo with our awesome guests!

  • Do you think our PETRONAS friends enjoyed their passenger rides?

  • Flat out around Sepang: that’s where the boys are at their best!

  • Let’s go!

  • Did someone order a high-speed taxi?

  • Time to suit up for some hot laps of Sepang!

  • Thursday saw two more VIP appearances on the grid… a pair of beautiful Mercedes-AMG beasts!

  • Valtteri was the first Silver Arrows superstar to arrive in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday...

  • But there was no time to recover from the jet lag - straight into race mode for the Orchid Run & Ride!

  • Handing out the traditional Orchids at the finish line (check out our YouTube channels for video!)

  • How about that for a backdrop? Sunset outside the iconic PETRONAS Towers

  • Lewis joined his team-mate on Monday - first stop, press conference with the Malaysian media

  • The #3Dreamers meet... the Three Dreamers! Check out the commercial on our social media channels... it's brilliant!

  • Breakdancing? Not quite... training with the inspiring SEA Games athletes!

  • The guys and girls from the SEA Games really put our boys through their paces... no pain no gain!

  • And it wasn't about to get easier for the boys either... a race against the clock in pit stop practice!

  • It was an intense battle - but Valtteri emerged victorious on the wheel gun challenge!

  • Both our boys are in high spirits heading into this weekend - and it showed in their interviews!

  • Lewis had the crew from Hitz FM in bits during his final interview of the day... make sure you listen back if you can!

  • First stop on Wednesday was the PETRONAS Malaysian Grand Prix Showcase on the KLCC Esplanade...

  • And just as the fans kept rolling in... so did the selfies!

  • It wasn't just the drivers who were the centre of attention...

  • If there's a better backdrop than hundreds of excitable fans, we haven't found it!

  • These budding designers picked up some pretty awesome prizes for their F1 car concepts...

  • Valtteri gave this team a helping hand with their car build. The Silver Arrows mechanics will be signing him up next!

  • Lewis took a keen interest in this design: inspiration for 2018! Let’s hope he took notes!

  • They may not quite be the golden trophies the boys were after... but this is the stuff that wins them those prizes!

  • Taking time out at the end of the day to surprise PETRONAS staff in their offices! Watch out for the video on our social channels - pure gold!

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