IN WORDS: Being Part of a Championship-Winning Team Feels Amazing – Valtteri

IN WORDS: Being Part of a Championship-Winning Team Feels Amazing – Valtteri

Valtteri Bottas has admitted it feels 'amazing' to be part of a Championship-winning Formula One team for the first time, after the Silver Arrows' success in Austin.

'I'm really proud'

Lewis Hamilton's victory and Valtteri's fifth place at the United States Grand Prix secured Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport the Constructors' title for a fourth consecutive season.

"I'm really proud," Valtteri said, ahead of this weekend's race in Mexico. "It's an amazing feeling, being part of a Championship-winning team. Also, the feeling you get that you've been part of it, you've done something right.

"We've done this as a team. No other team has done it across such a big regulation change, winning the title again. It's such a strong team and I'm a really proud member of it."

'I'm learning all the time'

The last few races have been tough for Valtteri, but he's taken a lot of positives from the difficult weekends and is confident he can be back to his best before the end of the season.

"Yes, I've been able to pinpoint where I'm losing out quite well and there's been some races where I've definitely struggled more than the others," the Finn explained.

"Some have been quite positive. I think there were a lot of positive things, even to take from the last race, even though the end result was far away optimal. But, yeah, it's all about details, as always in this sport.

"Some of the things are to do with the driving style, some things with setting up the car, which I'm getting and learning all the time. That's why I really believe that I can get to a good level again before the end of the year."

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