IN WORDS: Clean Weekend Will be Key to Spielberg Success – Valtteri

IN WORDS: Clean Weekend Will be Key to Spielberg Success – Valtteri

After two second place finishes in a row, can Valtteri go one better in Spielberg?

'That is racing and sometimes it happens'

The Finn has been in fine form of late, with a last-gasp charge to P2 in Azerbaijan a just reward after a race-long fightback from stone last in the opening stages. This time around, he's hoping for a smoother ride.

"We had some races in which there was a bit too much happening to us. Like in Baku, for example. We need a good clean race and as a team we need to score points with both cars if we want to win the Constructors' Championship as well as for me to be in contention in the Drivers' Championship. We need to get the car well set up and here the weather can play a big part. We need to have a good car for the wet and the dry.

"I think this year at every race it's been us and Ferrari in the first two rows. Sometimes they were ahead, sometimes we were and sometimes it was mixed. We are all there to fight for the win. When you are racing hard there are some contacts. Unfortunately it happens. But we're nearly every race starting side by side. In theory there is a big chance for us to collide. We are so close and the cars are so similar in the race trim. Of course, we don't want that. But that is racing and sometimes it happens."

As both World Championship battles continue to intensify, each and every point could prove crucial come the flag in Abu Dhabi. And, as one of three men to have notched a century as the halfway stage of the season approaches, Valtteri is targeting a big haul from the congested pre-summer trio of races ahead.

'For me it is a great challenge'

"Every race is going to be important for the Championship. Every single point can count at the end of the year. I still feel that I'm in the championship fight. And between us and Ferrari it will be a good fight in the Constructors' Championship. Now, in four weeks we have three races and my intention is definitely to make the most out of that."

Of course, sat just across the way on the other side of the Silver Arrows garage, a fellow contender holds those same ambitions. But, while they may be in direct competition, the respect between Valtteri and Lewis has perhaps even grown stronger since being paired six months ago, as they continue to push each other to greater heights.

"He (Lewis) is a three-time World Champion and now nearly the king of pole positions in Formula One. He is definitely the quickest and best driver I've been against and a good team-mate as well. For me it is a great challenge. I always take a note from every single point I can improve and definitely Baku has been a good lesson for me. I know all the reasons and why Lewis was quicker. In Baku I had a very good chance for the pole myself but I did some mistakes and also a different way of doing the out lap that was a big influence in Montreal. I have definitely learned a lot from those two qualifyings and hopefully I can do better here."

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