IN WORDS: Close Fight, But I’m Focused on Winning – Lewis

IN WORDS: Close Fight, But I’m Focused on Winning – Lewis

Lewis Hamilton says he expects a close fight in this weekend's Singapore Grand Prix, but insists that he is still focused on coming away with the win.

'I think Red Bull will be fast this weekend'

Lewis has claimed back-to-back wins since the summer break, moving to the top of the Drivers' Championship for the first time this season with victories at Spa-Francorchamps and Monza.

The twisty, high-downforce Singapore circuit is expected to favour rivals Ferrari and Red Bull, but coming off the back of the Silver Arrows' strongest performance of the season, Lewis is hoping to challenge again.

"I think Red Bull will be fast this weekend. It's not going to be the easiest of weekends, potentially," said Lewis.

'But man, I'm coming with positivity'

"But man, I'm coming with positivity and with the plan of winning this race. This is still regardless of if that is the case, the others potentially have a little bit more downforce, whatever it is.

"We have worked as hard as we can to understand the car and we come here with full attack. Our understanding of the car will potentially help this weekend, but you never really know where you are going to be able to place the car.

"If we can get the car in a place where we are comfortable and a bit like where we were in the last two races, then we will definitely be strong in the fight."

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