IN WORDS: Comeback proves you should never give up – Valtteri

IN WORDS: Comeback proves you should never give up – Valtteri

Valtteri says his recovery drive from last and a lap down in Baku to beat Lance Stroll to P2 at the chequered flag shows why you should never, ever give up.

Valtteri: It was a crazy race

The Finn was unlucky to come off worse after contact with Raikkonen's Ferrari as the pack attempted to squeeze through Turns 1 and 2 at the Baku City Circuit.

After a slow in-lap and a stop for fresh tyres and a new nose, Valtteri was last and an entire lap down. But, with the help of two Safety Cars, he started to make solid progress through the field.

"When I saw the tyre was starting to be destroyed and destroying the car - it felt like one hour, driving from Turn 2 to the pits. It was a shame, I was one lap down after that...

"But you know after that it showed that you should never give up. The team told me, just keep your head down, there will be opportunities and so there was. It was a crazy race, after the Safety Car, which allowed me to then get close to the guys and then the next Safety Car and the red flag allowed me to be on the same lap and compete, and with a good car.

Valtteri: I was pushing the maximum

"The team managed to repair most of the damage on my car during the red flag. So the car was feeling really good in the end and I could just try and take every opportunity and go step by step, it was good."

In a mega final stint, Valtteri surged past Ocon's Force India before hunting down Stroll's Williams to snatch P2 from the youngster over the finish line by just a tenth!

"It was tricky to get past Ocon because their pace wasn't that bad and their straightline speed was good, but once I got through and I was in free air, and I saw the laptime I could do, I knew there was a possibility (to catch Stroll).

"I was pushing the maximum, I was doing qualifying laps. I didn't do any tyre saving and the tyres could take it here and especially when the temperatures were getting lower, it was helping. It was so close, I got the slipstream, got the DRS and - I was not quite sure where the line was actually - but the team opened up the radio and I could hear them clapping and I knew 'okay, that was P2 then'.

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