IN WORDS: Disappointing to Miss Out on the Front Row – Valtteri

IN WORDS: Disappointing to Miss Out on the Front Row – Valtteri

Valtteri Bottas says he is disappointed to miss out on the front row for the United States Grand Prix, after securing third place on the grid.

'I just couldn't go quicker'

Valtteri was frustrated with his Qualifying session, admitting the laps felt good, but he just struggled for pace and felt he couldn't go much quicker.

The Finn set a 1:33.568 early in Q3 but failed to improve on his final attempt, after a scruffy last sector, and will start the race at the Circuit of the Americas from the second row.

"Definitely disappointing, you know," he explained afterwards. "It was looking good for us and quite close with Lewis as well at some points, but there is always tomorrow [Sunday].

"It was quite a tricky session with the wind and every lap was always a little bit different. We have been making quite big set-up changes in the weekend and definitely made the car quicker, but quite a tricky car for me to drive at least.

"I just struggled really with the pace and the laps felt good, I just couldn't go quicker. Lewis did a good job again."

'It is fine details'

Valtteri has put his recent struggles down to a number of small details, and found the last sector particularly tough in Qualifying.

"Definitely the last sector in Qualifying, I did struggle more," he explained. "It felt more tricky for some reason than, for example, in some of the practice sessions.

"There have been things I've been struggling with, with this car, such as the brake modulation, front-locking and transferring the weight between the four wheels.

"It is fine details but and I've just struggled to get it together. Many times in Turns 13 and 15, I lost a bit of time.

"Sometimes I got it right but still I couldn't match Lewis in terms of cornering speeds. But, yeah, those are the longest corners, slow speed corners and normally the bigger differences are there."

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