IN WORDS: Facing Most Difficult Moment of My Career – Valtteri

IN WORDS: Facing Most Difficult Moment of My Career – Valtteri

Valtteri Bottas says he is suffering through the most difficult moment of his career after a tough weekend again in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Valtteri started Sunday's race strongly, sweeping past Daniel Ricciardo's Red Bull and challenging Max Verstappen for P2 on the opening lap.

The Finn was quickly relegated to fourth by Ricciardo and fell behind Sebastian Vettel in the pits, despite the Ferrari racer starting from the back of the grid, ultimately coming home in a lonely fifth, 40s behind team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

"Being honest it may be the most difficult time of my career so far, in terms of how I feels every time I get in the car," Valtteri said. "I just want to perform, to be on a good level, but I haven't been doing this for some time for various reasons.

"I definitely want to turn it around quickly. If I keep doing races like this then that's no good for anyone. The team needs the points, I need the points, and I want the points. I want to do much better than this.

"I want to turn it around quickly and do whatever we need to do it. But there are still many question marks.

"After such a bad run of races just pure confidence in the car and trusting your own skills and being 100% comfortable that makes a massive difference. This weekend I haven't been 100% comfortable.

"It's never a good thing when you jump in the car and you don't feel 100% secure and if you don't know by 100% that you can be the absolute quickest that is never good.

"You need to get that back and need to get that feeling of enjoying the driving and letting yourself a bit more lose. But it comes from understanding all those fine details when you are struggling sometimes.

"This sport is so sensitive from the mental state as a driver maybe it sounds funny but it is a very, very sensitive sport mentally and you need to be absolutely on it if you want to be at your best."

Valtteri says he has been struggling for balance, which in turn is causing him headaches with overheating.

"I was struggling more with the front end which hasn't been really the case many times this year," he explained. Now mid-corner I'm losing a lot of front-end. It is tough to get the car turned, overheating the front tyres, also four wheel sliding in high speed corners.

"That's been the case for me all weekend. That's been the main issue. In the race when I try to go quicker I just slide more. It was all about the tyre management and trying to keep the temperatures under control - it's not nice."

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