IN WORDS: Ferrari ‘Out of Sync’ in Monza – Toto

IN WORDS: Ferrari ‘Out of Sync’ in Monza – Toto

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team boss Toto Wolff says he was surprised by Ferrari's 'out of sync' performance in Sunday's Italian Grand Prix.

'Something is not how it should be'

While the Silver Arrows claimed a third 1-2 of the season, Ferrari had to settle for a distant third for Sebastian Vettel at their home Grand Prix - with Kimi Raikkonen back in fifth.

Toto expected the Ferraris to be closer, especially after such a strong performance in Spa.

"Emotions run high and when you have a bad day you can't hide it," said Toto. "For me it looks like this weekend Ferrari has made a step back somehow.

"I think we were very solid but also they haven't performed in the way everybody expected. Red Bull started from the back of the grid and almost finished in P3. That is just something that is out of sync.

"Something is not how it should be. I can understand that they are upset about it. This morning based on the Friday long runs we thought they would be closer considering their Spa performance."

'Singapore wasn't the best of all places for us in the past'

Singapore is the next stop for the Formula 1 circus, and while the Silver Arrows are expected to struggle on the street track, Toto says the team is working hard to break the pattern of tough races at low-speed, high-downforce circuits.

"Singapore wasn't the best of all places for us in the past," said Toto. "We were delighted to win the race last year because we had such a difficult time there in 2015.

"I still believe there are certain characteristics within the track that don't suit the car and you can see that this year the slow twisty circuits are rather suited to Red Bull and Ferrari and lots of high speed downforce was good for our car.

"Now I don't think that is a pattern you can't break. It is about understanding the car and the more we clock mileage the more we learn about it.

"Nevertheless I still expect it a more difficult weekend for us than Monza, Spa or Silverstone. But we will try to understand it as quick as possible."

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