IN WORDS: Fourth Not Reflective of Performance – Lewis

IN WORDS: Fourth Not Reflective of Performance – Lewis

Lewis Hamilton believes that his fourth place finish in the Austrian Grand Prix didn't properly reflect his pace in a race where he feels he was the 'strongest' performer.

Lewis: 'I had the strongest race'

Starting from eighth on the grid after a gearbox penalty, Lewis made steady progress through the field on Sunday, passing Romain Grosjean and Sergio Pérez before jumping Kimi Räikkönen's Ferrari during the first round of stops.

The Brit then chased down Daniel Ricciardo in the final stint, smashing the lap record a number of times, but was ultimately just denied a spot on the podium - crossing the line right in the Red Bull's wheel tracks.

"When I went over the race trace I was actually quickest today," said Lewis.

"I had the strongest race. Once I got past the two cars - the Force India and the Haas - I was 16 seconds behind Valtteri and, in the end, I was just six seconds behind.

Lewis: 'He defended the position really well'

"That was really positive to see after the race. I don't think the points reflect that performance. There is nothing else I could do. I just keep driving the way I have been and hope things get better."

Lewis made a brave attempt to pass Ricciardo around the outside through Turn 4 on the penultimate lap but couldn't get past the Australian's strong defence.

"He defended the position really well," explained Lewis. "I don't think I could have done better. Immediately after the race I thought I could have got him. But he was in my blind spot, so I don't know.

"I worked so hard to close that gap and get into that window. So, to drive all those laps so well and then to come out in the same place, that's definitely difficult."

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