IN WORDS: Fourth Title Still Hasn’t Sunk In – Lewis

IN WORDS: Fourth Title Still Hasn’t Sunk In – Lewis

It may have been almost two weeks since Lewis Hamilton claimed the 2017 Formula One Drivers' Championship, but he says taking a fourth title has yet to sink in.

'What a year it has been'

Despite a hectic race in Mexico, Lewis bounced back to ninth place and secured the 2017 Drivers' Championship with two rounds to spare.

He then headed off on holiday with family and friends, admitting ahead of this weekend's Brazilian Grand Prix that the title success still hasn't sunk in.

"It feels good when people say it," the Brit explained. "It really doesn't feel like it's sunk in.

"I think I was trying to absorb all the positive energy and then on the Monday I set my phone aside and had the best holiday we have ever had.

"Then, I came here and got back into race mode. I haven't thought about it too much. I guess I won't do that until probably the end of the season, until racing is done and my job is fully done.

"Then I can sit back. There are definitely things that can be improved but what a year it has been. I have enjoyed every moment of it."

'I'm hoping for more battles'

He's fully focused on ending the season strongly and is hoping to get stuck into some close battles with the Ferraris and Red Bulls.

"Definitely, looking back, two years ago the focus was not the same as it has been during this season," he said, on the races that followed his 2015 title victory.

"I generally don't like to look back, so it is what it is. But, I don't want to be in that position again. I'm planning to keep the pressure exactly the same as it has been over the year.

"Red Bull stepped up their game, obviously with Max's win in the last race, and Ferrari have got a bit stronger. It might not be as bad a circuit for us as it was at the last one, but still, I am here to race with them.

"I had such a great time racing with these guys at Turn 1 (in Mexico), it's a shame it ended the way it did but I am hoping for more of that."

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