IN WORDS: Fully Focused On Winning This Weekend’s Race – Lewis

IN WORDS: Fully Focused On Winning This Weekend’s Race – Lewis

Lewis Hamilton says he is not thinking about taking the Drivers' Championship at this weekend's United States Grand Prix, with his sole focus being on winning the race.

'Talk of the Championship is silly'

Victory at the previous round in Japan helped Lewis to extend his lead in the standings to 59 points. But there are still four rounds remaining and F1 can be notoriously unpredictable...

Heading into this weekend's race at the Circuit of the Americas, Lewis needs to outscore Sebastian Vettel by 16 points to secure the title. But he isn't taking anything for granted.  

"Honestly, I think the talk of the Championship win this weekend is silly, really," he said. "I mean, you can't expect them (Ferrari) to have a difficult weekend again.

"They're going to be quick; they have an opportunity to win. The Championship, as long as it's done in the next four races, that's my focus.

"I honestly couldn't care less if it's here or the last race, as long as it's done. I think winning here is the most important thing for me."

'Ferrari will be very strong'

Vettel has suffered incidents and unreliability in recent races, allowing Lewis to open up a comfortable lead. But he expects Ferrari to bounce back during the final part of the season.

"I think he's (Sebastian) been a strong fighter all year. He's obviously had a few issues technically - but I think still the car is as good as it's always been," Lewis explained.

"For sure they'll have some sort of upgrade coming into this weekend. They've definitely had a couple of hiccups but I anticipate they'll be very strong for the last four races.

"So, that's why nothing changes for me. I've still got to continue to keep the pressure on and there's no reason to back out, just got to keep pushing forwards."

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