IN WORDS: Hungary ‘easy breeze’ for Ferrari – Lewis

IN WORDS: Hungary ‘easy breeze’ for Ferrari – Lewis

Lewis Hamilton is expecting Ferrari to 'breeze' to victory in Sunday's Hungarian Grand Prix, with overtaking especially tough at the twisty Hungaroring circuit.

Lewis: 'They have made an improvement this weekend'

The Budapest circuit was expected to suit the red team, and Ferrari have shown strong form throughout the weekend, claiming their first pole and front row for the first time since Monaco on Saturday.

"I don't think that there was any moment that we had a shot at pole today," said Lewis, who will lie up fourth. "We couldn't match the Ferrari times today. They have made an improvement this weekend and they deserve the pole.

"I think we were surprised that Red Bull didn't have the pace we thought they would have. We thought they would be quicker today. Ferrari has pulled out the real pace difference. I think it will be an easy breeze for them tomorrow.

Lewis: 'When you drive it to a certain limit the car feels fine'

"It looks like their car maybe just suits the track more; it looks like the car isn't moving anywhere. It looks like they might have more downforce on, and they were able to apply that in Monaco as well."

Lewis had to abandon his first lap in Q3 and admitted he had pushed his car too hard in the pursuit of the Ferraris.

"When you drive it to a certain limit the car feels fine, but then you see Ferrari's time, you think you need to push further," he said.

"So you drive 100% and the car is more on a knife edge. You are taking it into places you don't want to go."

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