IN WORDS: I Extracted Everything From the Car – Lewis

IN WORDS: I Extracted Everything From the Car – Lewis

Lewis Hamilton says he extracted everything he could from his W08 after qualifying fifth in the Singapore Grand Prix.

'It was a really strong session for me'

Lewis ended the final shootout six tenths shy of poleman Sebastian Vettel, as the Silver Arrows struggled to match the pace of the Ferraris and Red Bulls.

"It was a really strong session for me," said Lewis. "Generally qualifying has been really strong this year.

"That qualifying was just as strong as one where I qualified on pole. I got everything I could out of the car. Very consistent laps every single lap was right on it.

"I didn't make any mistakes that cost me a tonne of time. I was really happy with it. I come out of it in a position I don't want to be in, but I'm generally very happy with my own performance.

"If I keep that then I know when the car does come to us, the track comes to us then hopefully I will be able to execute it."

'You can't really overtake here'

With overtaking tricky in Singapore, Lewis is hoping that factors out of his hands can influence his chances to move up the order.

"You can't really overtake here as it is very hard to follow," said Lewis. "Being that it is so hot you are always on the limit with your brakes.

"It's gonna be as usual a procession following each other for a while, but there is the start which is always exciting and safety cars do often come into play and then there's the strategy.

"At least that's an exciting factor to it. That's an exciting part tomorrow. There are two opportunities and one potential if there is a safety car. I just have to try to keep the pressure on the guys as much as I can."

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