IN WORDS: I Gave Everything in Qualifying – Lewis

IN WORDS: I Gave Everything in Qualifying – Lewis

Lewis Hamilton says he gave everything he could in qualifying around the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in the hunt for pole in Mexico.

'I gave it everything I could'

Lewis could only manage third fastest, half a second off polesitter Sebastian Vettel, after failing to improve on his second flying lap.

"I gave it everything I could," said Lewis. "It just wasn't the cleanest of sessions and they were quicker. The car on balance I think was fine, but we needed more.

"I think that last lap could have been a couple of tenths quicker, but still I wouldn't have been able to match these guys."

While he wants to secure the title with a win, a fifth place finish would be enough to secure Lewis his fourth championship crown, and he says he won't be taking any risks.

'We're still in the running for the win'

"At the moment there is no risk to take," he said. "If I get a good start and gain a position I will go for it, but at the moment that is an unknown. There's a long way down to Turn 1. So, we should have some fun.

"You need a 1.4s delta I think it is to the car in front to overtake, so it's going to be a train, but I get a good start, if I'm able to be close enough in the pit stop, who knows."

"We're still in the running for the win I think. We'll see what happens with Max, but I'm hoping that I get to at least have a battle with one of them."

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