IN WORDS: “I Never Feared for My Future” – Valtteri

IN WORDS: “I Never Feared for My Future” – Valtteri

Valtteri Bottas says he was never worried about his Mercedes future, despite having to wait until the week of the Singapore Grand Prix for confirmation of a new deal for 2018.

Valtteri joined the team from Williams at the start of the year, replacing outgoing World Champion Nico Rosberg following the latter's shock retirement.

The Finn has scored his first two wins, in Russia and Austria, as well as two poles, this season and currently sits third in the Drivers' Championship.

"Of course it is nice to know where you are going to be racing next year," said Valtteri. "It's a good feeling, better than not knowing and better than not having information.

"But there's been no point honestly in the season where I've been in a massive panic about it. The season started pretty well, we've got some good results together, and at no point during the year so far have I got any signs from the team they were looking somewhere else.

"That's why it's not like a massive difference, the feeling, but obviously it's all positive."

Valtteri has been confirmed on a one-year deal and says he knows what he has to do next season to guarantee his long-term future with the team beyond 2018.

"I have to say I'm happy with this," said Valtteri. "I understand of course always the team's view on things, and for sure the team also wants to have options open for the future.

"I understand 100 per cent, but with this I am very happy. It's still better than the original contract that I had.

"It's still as always before with my career in F1, it's going to be completely down to me. If I perform well, there's going to be no problem, and we can have a long future together.

"I believe in myself, I believe I'll continue to grow as a driver and be a better driver. If I continue to keep 100 per cent in every single race and keep progressing, I'm confident for the future. So it's up to me.

"Even this season already, I was given this one year opportunity to make it for a second year, so that gives me confidence."

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