IN WORDS: I ‘Own’ Silverstone – Lewis

IN WORDS: I ‘Own’ Silverstone – Lewis

Why is Lewis Hamilton so quick at Silverstone? Because he owns it - at least spiritually after five British Grand Prix wins.

Lewis: 'Silverstone has got the greatest combination of corners'

Lewis dominated Sunday's British Grand Prix to take his fourth consecutive Silverstone win and is full of admiration for the circuit that he first drove back in 2002, five years before arriving in F1.

Asked after the race why he is so good at the home of the British Grand Prix, Lewis joked: "Because I own it!"

"Naturally you would think that I'm just biased but this has grown to be one of my favourites of the year, especially with the cars performance improving.

"Silverstone has got the greatest combination of corners - Copse, Maggots and Becketts is the best combination of corners on the whole Grand Prix calendar.

"I love street circuits like Monaco but it's not a great racing circuit. This is an all-out great racing circuit. They don't build circuits like this or Hungary any more. They have just that character and the history but in terms of driving I've started racing here in 2002."

Lewis: 'I really do think it boosts you, it lifts you up'

Lewis credited the fans that flooded Silverstone over the weekend for that extra boost in performance.

"I go well here," he explained. "I think I'm good at this track but I think the energy that I get from these fans there is no other driver that gets this kind of energy anywhere. I really do think it boosts you, it lifts you up. There is no avoiding it.

"Even before I get into the car I can see the crowd. After the start I accelerate down to Turn 3 and in the corner of my eye I see the fans cheering. I come to Turn 7 and everyone is standing up and cheering. Every lap, for 51 laps. Everyone stands up every single lap. There wasn't one lap that I didn't see them standing up and cheering. You don't see that anywhere else in the world."

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