IN WORDS: I Want to Win the Title in Style – Lewis

IN WORDS: I Want to Win the Title in Style – Lewis

Lewis Hamilton says he won't change his approach to this weekend's Mexico Grand Prix, insisting he wants to secure the 2017 world title with a victory.

'So the dream is to stand at the top spot of the podium'

A fifth place finish in Mexico would be enough for the Brit to claim his fourth Formula 1 title, but Lewis' mind is focused only on winning the race, rather than a take it safe approach.

"I want to win the right way," said Lewis. "To tell the truth I have no desire to finish fifth to win the world championship.

"When it is true that you are only as good as your last race, I want to show every single race what I am capable of.

"So the dream is to stand at the top spot of the podium this weekend - having won the championship! That would be a very proud moment."

'It will be a tougher weekend for us'

While he has his sights set on winning, Lewis is wary of the challenge from Ferrari and Red Bull, who he expects will be right in the mix in Mexico with the circuit favouring his rivals.

"It will be a tougher weekend for us - that is my impression without having done any track time," added Hamilton. "But then the last weekend we had not anticipated being as strong as we actually were, so let's see.

"This is definitely a tougher course. The high altitude, plus the cars being faster this year, could play a role but I also expect this weekend to be more fun than it has been in the past with the lower downforce. The car should be three seconds faster and that should make for a brilliant race."

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