IN WORDS: I Want to Win Title in the Right Way – Lewis

IN WORDS: I Want to Win Title in the Right Way – Lewis

Lewis Hamilton says he gave Valtteri Bottas back third position on the final lap of the Hungarian Grand Prix because he wants to win the Formula 1 Championship in the right way.

'I think today was the right way to do things'

Lewis and Valtteri swapped positions with 27 laps to go of Sunday's race, as the Silver Arrows attempted to chase down the leading pair of Ferraris.

Lewis closed right up to Kimi Raikkonen in P2, but the Brit couldn't find a way through, and honoured his promise to allow Valtteri back into third on the final lap.

"I don't know whether it will come back and bite me in the backside or not but I said at the beginning of the year I want to win the title in the right way," said Lewis. "I think today was the right way to do things.

"I think today hopefully shows that I'm a man of my word and also that I'm a team player just as much a part of this team as anyone in the team. I think we are working together better than we ever have. I think today shows unity.

'In life if you do good things good things come back to you'

"In life if you do good things good things come back to you. Hopefully as a team that will pay dividends in the future.

With Valtteri coming under pressure from Verstappen in the closing laps, Lewis had to time the position swap to perfection - letting Valtteri sweep past through the final corner, leaving Lewis with enough to cover off the Red Bull for P4.

"Valtteri was great and let me go. My thought process was: If he lets me past and I can't pull away from him and can't catch up then I just let him back but obviously I had a lot more pace and pulled away significantly and had a seven second gap to him at that point.

"It was difficult at the end to slow down. I didn't really know there was a second gap between Valtteri and the Red Bull. I was thinking if I'm losing a place here and finish fifth that's going to suck. Fortunately I managed it well and managed to do what I felt was right."

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