IN WORDS: “It’s Only Half Time” – Toto

IN WORDS: “It’s Only Half Time” – Toto

Toto Wolff says Lewis Hamilton answered his critics with his dominant victory in Sunday's British Grand Prix.

Toto: 'That's an answer to the critics'

Lewis faced criticism ahead of the Silverstone race, with some questioning his preparation for his home Grand Prix. But the Brit responded with pole, fastest lap, the win, as well as leading every lap to score his third F1 Grand Slam of the year.

"I think that sometimes you need the right impulse to extract the maximum performance," said Toto. "That's an answer to the critics.

"I still don't understand why the British hero (Lewis) was beaten up before the Grand Prix but it probably made him more determined to show his fans how he can drive."

Toto: 'It's only half time, 250 points to be achieved'

Lewis slashed Sebastian Vettel's championship advantage to just a single point with victory in Silverstone, while the Silver Arrows extended their lead over Ferrari in the Constructors' to 55 points, but Toto rejects the idea that Mercedes are now favourites for the title.

"I think we shouldn't talk that much about the favourite," said the boss. "It's only half time, 250 points to be achieved. You need to try to extract every inch of performance from the car and the driver. Then in the end we can start thinking about a favourite.

"I would like to feel it but the moment you said that you go to the next race and you are being slapped into your face. It is tricky. Our car is not always easy to setup although we have got much better in doing so with a great team effort in combination with the tyres. But I'd like to see Budapest and how the car works on a low speed high temperature track."

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