IN WORDS: Lewis disappointed with ‘disrespectful’ Vettel

IN WORDS: Lewis disappointed with ‘disrespectful’ Vettel

Lewis was unhappy with a 'disrespectful' Sebastian Vettel after the pair clashed twice behind the Safety Car during Sunday's Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku.

Lewis: I hope that kids don't see that in F2 and GP3 and think that's the right way

Lewis was leading the race when Vettel collided with him twice into Turn 15 as the pack waited to be unleashed at the end of the second Safety Car phase. The Ferrari hit the back of the Mercedes, before pulling up alongside the left of Lewis' car and seemingly turning into him.

"I think ultimately what happened was disrespectful," said Lewis. "There are a lot of kids from other classes and categories watching us on TV and to see a multi-world champion who you think would behave better than that, do that - that's the kind of thing you see in go-karts, which you learn from not doing in karts. I hope that kids don't see that in F2 and GP3 and think that's the right way."

Lewis insisted that there was no hint of him brake-testing the Ferrari ahead of the restart - which the FIA data supported.

Lewis: I didn't do any brake testing

"I didn't do any brake testing, I just did the same thing that I'd done on the previous laps and when the safety car lights go out I am able to control the pace," explained Lewis.

"I did the same on the previous lap and the previous lap before that... Generally the car behind wants to get as close as possible and honestly I think it's a misjudgement from him (Sebastian). To blame it on the car in front I think, some people don't like to own up to their own mistakes. But it doesn't really bother me.

"The stewards looked at my data and the reason I didn't get a penalty is because I didn't (do a brake-test). I don't have any intention to brake-test anyone, I'm leading the race why brake-test him? There's absolutely no thought that comes to mind that would give you a reason to want to do that. There's zero benefit."

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