IN WORDS – Lewis hails “beautiful” Baku pole

IN WORDS – Lewis hails “beautiful” Baku pole

Lewis stormed to pole number 66 of his Formula 1 career in Baku... but it wasn't easy for the Brit, after a slip on his first flying lap in the tense Q3 shootout left him with it all to do on his final, high-pressure, flier. That initial disappointment only made the joy of his 66th pole even sweeter though!

Lewis: The lap was just beautiful

"Coming out of the last corner I was shouting to myself in the car I was so happy. I had to make sure the radio was switched off first! I could feel the lap just getting better and better and I ended up seven tenths up. The lap was just beautiful, it was flowing.

"The first lap I did should easily have been good enough for pole, but I went into that one corner wide, which left me in P2. A mistake like that sticks with you. You think about it all night through the weekend. Then on the second run I knew I had the pace and in the most crucial moment I put it together and didn't make any mistakes."

A late red flag after Ricciardo crashed his Red Bull meant the field only had the chance or single flying lap on a truncated second Q3 run. But, despite fears of having just a single lap to go for pole, Lewis hit those temperatures and produced a proper 'sexy lap'.

Lewis: To win the championship I need to be the best

"We've always had to do multiple laps to get temperature into the tyres," explained Lewis. "And then qualifying was going so well Q1, Q2, no problem. Then I was up and I made that one little mistake and I was so frustrated about that. I was thinking there is no way to do it on just one flying lap.

"I got the tyres up to temperature, I didn't make a single mistake through the whole lap. It topped my last lap. It's 66 poles and I'm even more excited than for a long time.

"If I was standing here in second place I would be a little bit disappointed in myself. I need to be perfect. To win the championship I need to be the best."

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