IN WORDS: Lewis & Valtteri On Retirement, Contracts and the Future

IN WORDS: Lewis & Valtteri On Retirement, Contracts and the Future

Lewis bounced back from the pain of defeat in Monaco with a resounding victory in Montreal last time out. And despite recent rumours suggesting he is ready to walk away from Formula One, or even swap the Silver Arrows for the red of Maranello, Lewis insists he has a few more years to go in the sport yet...

Lewis: 'My focus right now is on beating Ferrari'

"Retirement is not something I'm thinking about right now," said Lewis on Thursday in Baku. "My focus right now is on beating Ferrari.

"It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Ferrari and what they've achieved, both in motorsport and in terms of the cars that they make.

"Who knows what the future holds. But right now I can't imagine myself being anywhere other than Mercedes. I'm enjoying the fight we're having right now with Ferrari and admiring that competition.

"The dream for a lot of sportsmen is to go out on top. But then, you could also say that a lot of the greats have stopped before their time. I haven't decided if I want to stop before my time - but right now, I don't plan to."

Valtteri: 'There's no rush'

Despite facing the uncomfortable situation of heading into the mid-point of the season without a deal for 2018, Valtteri is unfazed about his current status after dealing with similar scenarios earlier in his Grand Prix career.

"I feel normal because every single year in Formula One for me I've had the same situation," said the Finn ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. "I've had no idea what's going to happen next year at this point in the season before, so for me it's a normal situation.

"I know some kind of plan, when the team is planning to have things sorted out by - but that is between us. There's no rush."

Valtteri: 'I'm keen to have a long term relationship with Mercedes'

Valtteri expects any doubts over his future to be wrapped up soon, though, and is hoping 2017 is just the start of a long relationship with the Silver Arrows

"I don't know when I will know for definite. The timeline is quite flexible but like I said, there's no rush. Discussions will be opened soon because, as a driver, at some point it's always nice to know what you're going to do next year. But there's no more to say than that, really.

"It's still a bit early days and I'm keen to have a long term relationship with Mercedes. That is my target and that's why every day I work hard and try to make the most out of every single situation over the race weekend."

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