IN WORDS: Lost for Words after Emulating Michael – Lewis

IN WORDS: Lost for Words after Emulating Michael – Lewis

Lewis Hamilton was left struggling for words after breaking Michael Schumacher's all-time Formula One pole record at the Italian Grand Prix.

'I can't believe that so much time has passed'

Lewis tied Michael's record of 68 at Spa last weekend, but moved clear at the top of the all-time list at Monza after a producing a stunning lap to claim his 69th career pole position.

"It's very hard to find the word to explain how I feel, I'm trying to figure it all out right this second," said Lewis. "I can't believe that so much time has passed, so many great experiences, a lot of difficult times, but what a day.

"It was very difficult to see out there; it was very difficult to see the lines and very easy to make mistakes, as always in the rain. The second to last lap was OK at the beginning and then I backed out of it, hoping I'd get one more lap and there's a lot of pressure for that last lap. There could have been a red flag, a yellow flag or something like that, so a lot to risk, but I gave it everything.

'I wish I was better with words'

"It probably won't sink in for a long time. I've got to say a big thank you to my team for making it all possible, the guys back at the factory for continuing to support me and for Mercedes, who have been supporting me for a long, long time.

"And to my family! Thank you so much for all the support. I can't believe it's been 10 years but I'm really grateful for all the support. But yeah, an epic day and truly blessed."

Lewis grew up watching Michael Schumacher and said as a boy he could only dream of emulating the seven-time champion's achievements. 

"I wish I was better with words, I wish I had something really iconic to say," said Lewis. "I heard that the record has only switched hands a couple of times in sixty years.

'I am living proof that dreams are something that can come true'

"Growing up, watching this sport as we all have and witnessing greatness in other individuals such as Michael and just dreaming of one day doing what he's doing or they're doing and then actually to be there many years later.

"I am living proof that dreams are something that can come true so I think it's really cool for young kids to be watching today because it's probably hard to imagine it but I was once there, in their position and dreaming of doing what I'm doing today which they perhaps are.

"Very proud for what we, as a family, have achieved. It's crazy, but you know Sebastian Vettel's not far behind so I've got to keep going, I've got to keep extending it otherwise he might catch it, so I'll stick around for a while."

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