IN WORDS: Malaysia Proves We Still ‘Have Work to Do’ – Lewis

IN WORDS: Malaysia Proves We Still ‘Have Work to Do’ – Lewis

Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes' tough Malaysia Grand Prix proves it has work to do to stay ahead in the title battle.

Lewis came home in second place to extend his championship lead over Sebastian Vettel to 34 points, as the Ferrari driver battled from the back of the grid to finish in P4.

But Lewis says the team's failure to challenge race winner Max Verstappen shows it has work to do over the remaining five races.

"I feel good, but I think we have some work to do with the car," said Lewis. "Obviously we didn't have the pace today, this weekend, so there's still work to do, there are still races ahead and there are some we can for sure win but we just have to keep pushing.

"The car's good obviously in some places and in some others the issues that we have with the car are magnified, so we do have some big problems with it. We struggled with pace, as you can see but still, it was good enough to get second.

"There's still work to do to try and fix it but I think it's a fundamental issue with this year's car, so we've just got to try and work on improving it for next year.

Verstappen stormed pass Lewis on lap four to take the lead, and the Brit admitted that he had the title in mind as the pair went wheel to wheel into Turn 1.

"I didn't really know how close Max was," he explained. "I was having some problems with de-rates at the beginning of the race and just struggling with battery power.

"I went to defend but didn't really want to risk it, so I left enough room, didn't completely close the door and be too aggressive. At the end of the day Max had more pace than me and it would have been a struggle anyway, even if he hadn't got past at that point.

"Perhaps it would have happened somewhere else. It was going to be a real struggle but I did everything I could after that just to maintain position and, yeah, good to still get second."

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