IN WORDS: No Change of Approach for the Silver Arrows – Toto

IN WORDS: No Change of Approach for the Silver Arrows – Toto

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team boss Toto Wolff says the Silver Arrows will not change their approach, after extending their lead in the Constructors' Championship at Suzuka.

'One race at a time'

Lewis Hamilton's controlled victory in the Japanese Grand Prix and Valtteri Bottas' fourth place finish has extended the team's advantage in the Constructors' standings to 145 points.

But, while there are only 172 points left up for grabs, Toto has stressed the Silver Arrows are not taking their healthy Championship advantage for granted.

"There is no change in our approach," he said. "You just need to continue to look one race at a time. We still have a 'diva' that needs to be understood.

"Also, for the mid-term and the way we look at things, is our performance relative to our main competitors. I wouldn't say that we are utterly dominant against the Red Bull or Ferrari.

"We've benefited from Ferrari's misfortune and reliability woes in the last three races, but it doesn't mean that we are patting ourselves on the back. On the contrary, I think we need to continue to push."

'This sport takes no prisoners'

The team's fortunes at Suzuka were helped by further unreliability issues for Ferrari, with Sebastian Vettel an early retirement from the race.

"In this sport, you take no prisoners," Toto explained. "It is about having the fastest car, the best driver and the most solid performance - and we've been there.

"We've had difficult moments for each of the drivers in the past in terms of reliability. When you are pushing the boundaries, you will eventually reach their limits.

"Ferrari's development from 2016 to 2017 was exceptional and probably this is a development phase. I can nevertheless relate to how it feels of having three races where you have lost a lot of points and it doesn't feel nice.

"You can see how quickly it can swing. There is always a certain degree of the unexpected that can happen, so we won't take our foot off the throttle until it is done."

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