IN WORDS: One of the Most Fun Races for a While – Lewis

IN WORDS: One of the Most Fun Races for a While – Lewis

Lewis Hamilton says the United States Grand Prix was one of the most fun races he has driven for some time, after battling his way to a ninth victory of the 2017 season.

'It was very reminiscent of 2012'

Lewis dropped to second at the start, after losing out to title rival Sebastian Vettel, but fought his way past the Ferrari driver early on and stormed to his sixth US GP win.

"The race was great," he said, afterwards. "I have to say probably one of the most fun races that I've had for a while. I didn't get away to a great start, I'm not really sure why, but Sebastian got a great start.

"I was kind of chilled about it, just knowing from the past that you can overtake here. It was great to have that battle, trying to get close; trying to get in the DRS. It was very reminiscent of 2012 here, seeing Sebastian up ahead.

"I had a lot of fun trying to get closer and obviously it came down to the overtake in Turn 12, which again was the same as 2012. That is what I looked for and that is what I enjoyed the most.

"I was a little bit surprised Sebastian didn't defend more, but it was fair. Then, after that, I had a little bit of a battle with Verstappen, which was like karting days, from one corner to the other. It was good fun."

'We've really pulled together'

The Silver Arrows secured their fourth consecutive Constructors' Championship with the result at the Circuit of the Americas and Lewis is now 66-points clear of Vettel in the Drivers' standings with three rounds remaining.

"A big congratulations to everyone in the team, all the partners, everyone back at the factories and everyone here," Lewis said. "There has been an incredible push for this kind of performance this year.

"We've really pulled together this year - even more than I've experienced or seen over the last five years - to create something quite special.

"So, I'm really proud for everyone. Especially in going from one era of car to another, which has not been done before. It just shows strength and depth and I'm really proud to be part of it."

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