IN WORDS: Pole Was For the Team – Valtteri

IN WORDS: Pole Was For the Team – Valtteri

Valtteri Bottas says he was determined to deliver on his Brazilian Grand Prix pole promise after some team members were involved in an incident on Friday night.

'I'm happy everybody is still here'

A minibus full of team personnel was robbed on Friday after leaving the circuit, and while no one was hurt, Valtteri said the incident spurred him on to take pole at Interlagos.

With Lewis Hamilton eliminated early in Q1 after a crash, Valtteri took the fight single-handedly to the two Ferraris, triumphing in a tight battle against Sebastian Vettel to claim just the third pole position of his Formula 1 career.

"I spoke with them this morning, and I said we were going to put it on pole position and cheer everyone up, so I'm glad we did that," said Valtteri. "First of all, I'm happy everyone is in one piece and nothing physical happened to anyone, but it was a pretty bad situation to be in, and I'm happy everybody is still here.

'It's really good to start on the pole here'

"I'm very happy with the qualifying, from my side, and also from the team's side, except the unfortunate off Lewis had in the beginning. In the end, it was all on me, and I'm happy I delivered and I could put it on pole.

"The laps were getting better and better, but it was all the time very close, so I'm pleased that, in the end, I could get it all together in Q3, get a good lap and put it on pole.

"Very pleased. It's really good to start on the pole here. We have a good car. It's going to be a close race still with Ferrari, but I'd rather start from pole than, for example, from P3. I'm looking forward to tomorrow."

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