IN WORDS: Race Was Lost at the Start – Valtteri

IN WORDS: Race Was Lost at the Start – Valtteri

Valtteri Bottas says the winner of the Brazilian Grand Prix was decided at the start, the Finn having to settle for second place after dropping behind Sebastian Vettel on the run to Turn 1.

'There was nothing I could do'

Valtteri lined up on pole position after a brilliant lap in Qualifying. But wheel spin as he left the grid meant he was demoted a place by Vettel.

"We lost the race at the start, which is unfortunate," he explained. "The issue was just initial wheel spin.

"As soon as I started to release the clutch, it just broke the traction and there was wheel spin. That's why I had a poor getaway.

"I was trying to cover the inside but, looking in the mirror, I didn't see Sebastian anywhere. I was guessing that he could be shooting down the inside and he did.

"There was nothing I could do. He got a better start and he was on the inside."

'We need some miracles in Abu Dhabi'

Valtteri believes he could have held off Vettel. But second place now leaves him 22 points behind the Ferrari driver in the battle for the runner-up spot in the Championship.

"I think, pace-wise, it was very, very close," Valtteri said. "With a good start I think it would have been possible to keep the lead.

"We were trying to put a lot of pressure on Sebastian, trying to keep up and get close, especially around the pit stop. Once I was getting a little bit closer we decided to stop, trying to undercut.

"I got pretty close after he came out from the pits but it just wasn't quite enough to overtake.

"Definitely disappointed after a good Saturday and obviously not so good for me in the battle for second place in the Championship. He's got quite a good lead now so we need some miracles in Abu Dhabi."

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