IN WORDS: Red Bull Were Just Too Quick – Valtteri

IN WORDS: Red Bull Were Just Too Quick – Valtteri

Valtteri Bottas says Red Bull Racing were just 'too quick' after returning to the podium with a second-place finish at the Mexico Grand Prix.

'We tried everything we could'

Valtteri benefitted from a dramatic first lap of the race, jumping up to second and holding position right to the chequered flag.

He admitted Red Bull and race winner Max Verstappen were just too fast in Mexico and that the runner-up spot on the podium was the maximum result.

"We couldn't keep up with Red Bull and Max, they were just too quick," the Finn said. "We couldn't fight for the win, which is unfortunate.

"It was a pretty straightforward race; there were no Safety Cars or anything like that to help us, to give us any opportunity.

"Handling-wise, it was not too bad. But we were just missing grip and sliding around a bit in the corners. I think that's where Red Bull still has an advantage in places like this."

'It all happened quite quickly'

Starting from fourth place on the grid, Valtteri had a clear view of the clashes up ahead of him on the opening lap, through the twisty first section.

It proved to be a pivotal moment in the race, with first Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen making contact, then Vettel and Lewis a corner later.

"At the start, I was in the second row of cars into Turn 1 on the inside," Valtteri explained. "Lewis was a bit ahead and there was a bit of a train immediately after Turn 1.

"But then, at Turn 2, things started to happen and I could see a couple of cars, I think Sebastian and Max, side-by-side. So, I decided to go for a good exit out of Turn 3 for the run to Turn 4.

"I cut the inside line, for me that was worth it. At the same time I could see some carbon bits on the outside of Turn 3. It all happened quite quickly.

"After that there was not much action for me in the race. We had to save the brakes and the Power Unit. It was a bit of shame. But, even with full power and flat-out, we couldn't have matched Max."

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