IN WORDS: Sebastian’s Apology Accepted – Lewis

IN WORDS: Sebastian’s Apology Accepted – Lewis

It's eyes forward for Lewis, as he closes the door on Baku...

'I still have the utmost respect for him'

Lewis has accepted Sebastian Vettel's apology after a controversial clash during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and does not expect the incident to change their rivalry moving forward.

Speaking on Thursday in Spielberg at the best-attended FIA Press Conference in recent memory, Lewis insisted that he had put the incident behind him and was focused solely on the coming race weekend in Austria.

"I said everything I felt I needed to say at the last race and just left it there," said Lewis. "Now, the job is just to focus. We've still got a lot of races ahead of us.

"Sebastian and I, we spoke after the race on Monday and shortly after that he messaged me, I think the day after. I still have the utmost respect for him as a driver and will continue to race him hard for the rest of the season in the same way I always have. No less hard than we have been already up until now."

'I accepted his apology and moved forwards'

For Lewis, the most important outcome was to have the circumstances surrounding the incident clarified and to move on.

"There are two things that are most important for me. The first is that Sebastian acknowledged that I didn't brake test him which, while he has apologised, I don't know if people still understand that. That's important for me because people were commenting or sending messages to me saying that I was out of order. Obviously I didn't do any of the braking.

"In the data it obviously showed that was not the case. He accelerated. I think the goal was to try and be as close as possible to me but that was an error in judgement. There was no need for me to do something like that. I was in the lead. I accepted his apology and moved forwards."

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