IN WORDS: Team Cannot Dwell on Monza Form – Valtteri

IN WORDS: Team Cannot Dwell on Monza Form – Valtteri

Valtteri Bottas says Mercedes cannot dwell on its Monza pace moving forward, despite a 'perfect' result in the Italian Grand Prix.

'I had three cars to pass in the beginning'

Starting fourth, Valtteri made a poor start to lose ground to Kimi Raikkonen, but stormed his way around the outside of the Ferrari at Parabolica to take the position back.

He then quickly dispatched Esteban Ocon and Lance Stroll to move into P2, where he would finish, completing a third 1-2 for the Silver Arrows in 2017.

Valtteri praised the 'stability' of the W08, but warned that the team should not take its Monza form for granted, with the challenge of Singapore ahead.

"I had three cars to pass in the beginning," he explained. "The start was quite poor for me, just a lot of wheelspin.

"One of the Ferraris got ahead and I had to get him first, which was normally going to be the difficult part and the most important part for us.

'We need to be strong again in Singapore'

"But I pretty quickly got to P2, which was good, and the car was so well balanced today and so strong. We were quick in a straight line, but this weekend we were also really quick in every corner of the track.

"I think we just found a different kind of stability this weekend that we haven't found before. But this is a really unique track.

"We can't rely on that and say. 'OK, now we are quickest'. That's not the case. It's going to be a completely different story in Singapore, next weekend.

"Yes, we were quickest here in Monza. We had a perfect result, Lewis won, so well done for that, and with me second it's great for us."

"But now it's whether we can learn from this weekend what we need to be strong again in Singapore."

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