IN WORDS: The Best Fourth Place I’ve Ever Seen – Toto

IN WORDS: The Best Fourth Place I’ve Ever Seen – Toto

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team boss Toto Wolff says Lewis Hamilton's recovery drive at the Brazilian Grand Prix was the best race to fourth place he has ever seen.

'The win was possible'

Lewis started the race from the pit lane after his Qualifying accident, but rapidly made up ground, weaving his way up the field to take the chequered flag right behind the podium finishers.

"For me it was the best fourth place I've ever seen," Toto said after the race. "If you consider starting from the pit lane, to end up 5.4 seconds behind the leader is quite astonishing.

"When we discussed the race in the morning, we thought fourth would be a realistic target. We had the Safety Car, which helped us a little bit, but the gap to the Ferraris was so close to have achieved much more.

"The win would have been possible (without the Qualifying crash); Lewis was the quickest guy out there.

"But, you have to remember Sebastian was managing the pace at every moment of the race, apart from the last laps. So, we probably haven't seen the real race."

'There's not a lot in it'

With such close margins between the top three drivers on the grid, Valtteri's race was decided at the start, where wheel spin allowed Sebastian Vettel to snatch the lead away from him. 

"Valtteri had a solid race," Toto explained. "He lost it at the start. The initial getaway was good, but there was too much wheel spin.

"With such close gaps, there is not a lot in it. When Ferrari switched their engines on at the end, there was not much difference between the cars. So, you can't expect easy overtakes.

"Our undercut with Valtteri was a little move of desperation, because we couldn't get close enough. We knew it probably lacked half a second, but nevertheless we gave it a go and the result was as expected."

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