IN WORDS: The Rain Was a Real Blessing in Singapore – Lewis

IN WORDS: The Rain Was a Real Blessing in Singapore – Lewis

Lewis Hamilton thought he would struggle to make progress during the Singapore Grand Prix after a tough Qualifying session on Saturday. But he went on to win the race and extend his lead in the Drivers' Championship to 28 points.

'I love driving in those conditions'

Lewis lined up fifth on the grid at the Marina Bay Street Circuit, on the Intermediate tyre after earlier rain, as the first wet-weather Singapore Grand Prix in the race's history got underway in spectacular style.

A strong start allowed Lewis to avoid the first-lap drama, moving into first place. That's where he stayed; tackling several Safety Car restarts to hold off Daniel Ricciardo's Red Bull and secure his seventh win of the season.

"What a day," Lewis said. "When it started raining when I woke up, I was thinking, 'fantastic', because it's a very difficult circuit on which to overtake.

"Being fifth, knowing that the Red Bulls and the Ferraris were so quick on a grippy circuit, being dry, I knew it would be very, very difficult to progress from fifth place.

"But, it began to rain just as I started, which was a real blessing. I love to drive in those conditions."

'The car worked in the cooler conditions'

Lewis managed to avoid the dramatic first corner incident between the two Ferrari cars, Max Verstappen's Red Bull and Fernando Alonso's McLaren.

"I felt like I had a good start, but I think Kimi (Räikkönen) had an incredible launch and then I saw this commotion happening. I was alongside Daniel. I had a great Turn 1 and came out behind Sebastian (Vettel).

"I couldn't really see what had happened behind. And then I came out of Turn 3 and I was just excited to race Sebastian. I was like: 'it's on; I'm ready.' But then he had a problem with the car and he lost control. Then I was in the lead."

"We often shred our Intermediate tyres and the Red Bulls are usually very good on them, so today was just about making sure we managed them to the maximum.

"I was able to keep them cool and not have any degradation. Even at the end when I pitted I still had life left in the tyres, which is very, very rare.

"The car seemed to work in those trickier, cooler conditions. I'm happy with the performance from myself and Valtteri did a fantastic job as well, to really solidify some really great points."

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