IN WORDS: Verstappen Compromised My Lap – Valtteri

IN WORDS: Verstappen Compromised My Lap – Valtteri

Valtteri Bottas says that Max Verstappen definitely compromised his first lap in qualifying for the Mexico Grand Prix.

'It's happened and there's no penalty, so that's history'

Valtteri was on his first flying lap in Q3 when he came across a slow Verstappen on the exit of Turn 12. That compromised the Finns entry to Turn 13 and he was forced to abort his lap after a lock-up.

"From my side the first run in Q3 was good until Turn 12," explained Valtteri. "Before Turn 12 I saw him going slowly and he stayed on the exit of Turn 12 on the left hand side and compromised my lap a little bit.

"I had to run very close to him in Turn 12, so then you naturally lose time - and then as well my approach to Turn 13 was compromised. So it was not similar as going in the free air, or with no car in front. I had a lock-up in Turn 13, which I'm sure I would have not had without Max in there."

"I had only one shot in Q3 in the end. When you don't have a lap on the board, normally you refuel for an extra lap, which costs you time.

"Also you don't have the experience from the run before in the last sector, which was actually the main losses for me in Q3.

"It's happened and there's no penalty, so that's history."

'From my side personally it was a positive qualifying'

Despite only having a single clean run in Q3, Valtteri managed to qualify in fourth for Sunday's race.

"From my side personally it was a positive qualifying," he said. "I was closer to Lewis than I have been lately. He has been in a very good form.

"In the end it was very close. Of course, P3 would have been nicer than P4 but still it was good to have more pace.

"As a team it is a disappointment being in the second row. We thought going into qualifying that we could actually fight for pole but we just didn't have the pace for it today."

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