IN WORDS – Wet Tyre Struggles Cost Me – Valtteri

IN WORDS – Wet Tyre Struggles Cost Me – Valtteri

Valtteri Bottas was disappointed after struggles on the Wet tyre left him sixth fastest in qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix.

'Our car seemed to be competitive in the wet'

Valtteri set the pace in Q1 and was right with team-mate Lewis Hamilton in the second part of qualifying, but while Lewis was able to go on to claim a record 69th F1 pole, the Finn was just sixth after the switch to the full-Wet in the final shootout.

"Qualifying definitely started in a pretty good way," said Valtteri. "Our car seemed to be competitive in the wet. Q1, Q2 went well. I got the tyres always to work just about.

"With the Intermediates it was getting better and better the more I got temperature in it. Q2 the lap I had I lost a lot of time in Turn 1 by going too deep, but the rest of the lap was equal to Lewis.

"It was looking OK for Q3. We went out we had to switch back to the full wets because the track was too wet. I really struggled on the first lap getting the tyres up to temperature. Then we went to another set hoping that would be better but I just had one lap.

'I struggled more with the tyre warm-up than Lewis'

"I went too deep into Turn 1 and into Turn 4. I just couldn't really stop the car. I had to abort the lap. I didn't have any proper lap.

"I struggled more with the tyre warm-up than Lewis. Lewis did a better job getting the tyres to the optimum window for the timed lap. He could always do a good lap then and I couldn't.

"It's always easy to say afterwards, but I would at least try to get at least two laps in a row with the tyres to have two opportunities."

'In the dry the pace has been good'

Owing to penalties for both Red Bulls, Valtteri will start Sunday's race from P4. His first goal is to clear the Williams of Lance Stroll and Esteban Ocon's Force India ahead of him.

"The main thing for me is to try and get past the Force India and the Williams as quickly as possible," said Valtteri. "I think in a dry race which is most likely the case there is a reasonably pace difference between the cars. That's going to be the main goal for me in the beginning of the race.

"The long runs in practice were good and I think we have a strong car in the race. It looks pretty bad on paper me being sixth, but it's not that bad starting in the second row. I'm still ahead of both Ferraris. In the dry the pace has been good."

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