IN WORDS: ‘Zero Discussion’ With Vettel – Toto

IN WORDS: ‘Zero Discussion’ With Vettel – Toto

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport boss Toto Wolff insists the team did not hold formal talks with Sebastian Vettel about a potential from for 2018.

'There was zero discussion with Sebastian'

Non-executive Chairman Niki Lauda had hinted on Saturday that the Silver Arrows held brief talks with Vettel, but that the German was not serious about a switch from Ferrari.

Toto clarified that these talks had only ever been informal paddock chats and that no serious discussion ever took place.

"There was zero discussion with Sebastian around a contract between him and Mercedes," explained Toto. "What Niki said, I don't know what he was asked, but at the end of the day you cross each other out in the paddock, and sometimes you ask 'What is happening?' No discussion took place. Zero.

'It's a no brainer as it stands for next year to continue with Valtteri'

"There were zero conversations with Sebastian. Zero. Because Niki had a chat over coffee with Sebastian saying what are you doing in the next years? And Sebastian said: Well I'm thinking about it.

"They had a conversation. Was that a fair summary? They didn't have coffee actually because there is no coffee shop out there between the hospitalities. I think it was just crossing each other."

While Valtteri Bottas is still waiting for a new deal beyond the end of 2017, Toto says confirmation of an extension should be expected soon.

"It's a no brainer as it stands for next year to continue with Valtteri," said the Mercedes team boss. "It's just down to the detail and the paper work and see how pans out in the future but there is a pretty big chance he'll be here next year."

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