Istanbul: Michael and Nico answer your questions!

Istanbul: Michael and Nico answer your questions!

The team took the three best questions YOU asked today on our social networking pages… Here are Michael and Nico’s answers for you!

If you could save only one... KERS or DRS?

(Os J Riches)

Nico: “That's a really tough question as KERS and the DRS have helped to make the racing so exciting this year. As a driver, they both give you an extra boost on the lap and extra opportunities for overtaking which is what we drivers love. Even after only three full race weekends with the systems, I'm not sure that I'd like to lose either of them!”

Michael, what is the magic paddle?

(Dan Jones)

Michael: “If we told you that, then it wouldn't be magic! But it is a device on the steering wheel which assists Nico and I with the quick operation of some settings. And that's about all I can tell you.”

Nico, what is your favourite Mercedes-Benz road car to drive when you're not in your MGP W02?

(Søren Dyrmose)

Nico: “My absolute favourite Mercedes car would have to be the SLS AMG of course. I've had the chance to drive one a few times and it's just a fantastic car. But at the moment, I have a silver C63 AMG in my garage at home in Monaco which is also really cool.”

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