IN WORDS: “It’s all about tomorrow” – Valtteri

IN WORDS: “It’s all about tomorrow” – Valtteri

Valtteri took a strong P3 on the grid this afternoon in Montreal – in spite of not being entirely comfortable with the balance of his Silver Arrow. But as the Finn knows, the time that really counts is when the flag drops on Sunday…

Valtteri: Lewis had a mega run today

Q: Valtteri, this is a track that’s always suited you. Once again, another phenomenal job – talk me through your qualifying.

Valtteri BOTTAS: It was close here, as I expected. Lewis had a mega run today. For me, on the second run I tried to go faster, but I went deep into Turn Ten and locked the rears. So well done to Lewis, as I said

Q: Were you surprised by the pace Lewis was able to pull out of the car today? And thoughts on the race for tomorrow because it looked to me on the long runs yesterday that you had pretty low degradation on the tyres. You looked very strong yesterday in the long runs.

VB: Yeah, first of all, big congrats to Lewis for his 65th pole position. It’s a great achievement matching Senna, so well done. He had a mega-lap today. I was really trying hard. It was a tricky day for me, especially Practice Three with the balance of the car. But it was a lot better for qualifying. Q1, Q2 felt good but in Q3, when I came down to getting those last hundredths and tenths and pushing harder, the car became unstable again and not so easy to predict. I struggled more with the car today than Lewis did and couldn’t get a lap together. But yeah, long runs seemed OK. Again, it’s going to be close with Ferrari I think, so I felt good in the car on the long runs and it’s all about tomorrow.

Valtteri: It would be best to try and get a 1-2

Q: Valtteri, how would you rate your own chances tomorrow for winning the race, if these two are only concentrating on each other?

VB: For sure starting third you have all the chances. It’s a long race tomorrow and we are all in the first few rows going into the race so try and win it. For us, as a team, it would be best to try and get a 1-2 but of course as a driver you always go for the best and try to win it and there is a chance. But it’s going to be a long race, so we’ll see.

Q: Valtteri how much more does being in the fight for pole positions and wins at every race push you to produce your best?

VB: I think you are always trying to find new limits, especially now being Lewis’ team-mate and fighting with Seb and Kimi. You can improve as long as you want to. That is exciting but today was a tricky day for me. I didn’t get everything… I wasn’t so comfortable with the car and that’s why I was behind but tomorrow is a new day.

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