Jorge Lorenzo: “I could be quick in a Formula One car!”

Jorge Lorenzo: “I could be quick in a Formula One car!”

Last weekend in Barcelona, MERCEDES GP PETRONAS had a visit from a very special guest… Jorge Lorenzo, rider for the PETRONAS sponsored Yamaha Factory Racing team. Jorge, the 2006 and 2007 250cc World Champion, and 2010 MotoGP World Champion, visited our motorhome and garage ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix as a guest of the team and our title sponsor PETRONAS.

Jorge had a chance to discuss (and share some tricks?!) with Michael and Nico before Ross greeted him with a tour of the team’s garage. Jorge then went on the grid to watch the build-up to the start of the race before enjoying the action back in the garage. We took the chance to ask Jorge few questions about his weekend, his passion for MotoGP and Michael’s comeback to Formula One…


So Jorge, how is your day going so far? Are you happy to be a guest around a Grand Prix weekend for a change?

I have to say it is definitely far more relaxing and less stressful this way! Coming here without any form of racing pressure is pretty nice. I enjoyed walking around in the paddock and on the track… you have more time to see things. I love riding obviously but this is different and I like it. I came to a Formula One race twice, in 2008 and last year, and the atmosphere is always great.

Do you feel a different atmosphere between a Formula One weekend and a MotoGP weekend?

I think the number of people attending is pretty much the same but the crowd is different… I wouldn’t know how to describe it though. I guess MotoGP weekends are maybe a bit more ‘open’ to the public so the crowd is probably a little bit more mixed, different types of fans… but it is great in any case!

Now Jorge… the big question! How do you think you would perform in one of our cars?

I like four wheels because it is different for me. I did a couple of races in the past and it was great. Of course to be competitive in a Formula One, car without all of the training and the time in the car would be impossible. But getting close… I think that with some proper training, I could be quick. Maybe not within the same second but maybe two seconds away. When Michael came to ride, he was only two seconds away which is pretty good.

Speaking of Michael, we heard that you are quite a fan… were you excited when you heard about his comeback at the end of 2009?

Of course! Michael has a lot of history and his comeback is very good for Formula One in general, for the fans and for the championship. I really hope he can win (at least!) one more race before he decides to retire for good. I will be supporting him!

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