Lewis connects with fans on BBM Channels

Lewis connects with fans on BBM Channels

Lewis participated in an exclusive live Q&A chat session on Monday 30 May ahead of his home win at the British Grand Prix, via our official BBM Channel. Here’s a selection of your questions and, of course, Lewis’ answers. To find out how to join our BBM Channel click here -

Divya Amin: Hi Lewis, which is your favourite video game?
Lewis: Call of Duty!

Sulthon Alkatiri: I’ve been wondering this for a long time. F1 cars are really low and the driver’s seat is low as well, how’s the visibility especially when you roll onto the starting grid?
Lewis: Depends if you’re first or last. First is way better!
Sulthon Alkatiri: Hahaha of course :-)

Peter Tam: Hi Lewis, Great job! How is this team different?
Lewis: They’re both different in different ways. Both are great.
Peter Tam: Glad to hear. I love watching you race, your determination and drive to win. Keep it up and good luck this weekend.
Lewis: Thank you!

Antonio: Lewis, I don’t want to ask you any questions. I just want to tell you that you are the best Formula One driver for me and I know that you can do it, you can be the 2014 Formula One World Champion! You deserve it! Keep pushing man! I hope this year would be year! We win and lose together!
Lewis: Thank you so much for the support. I appreciate it!

Jordan: Hey Lewis!! Hope you are well, what was the most enjoyable overtake you have performed? Over the whole of your racing career? :-)
Lewis: Two, one was at Buckmore Park Cadets in 1996 - check out a video of it online. I also enjoyed the move at Silverstone in 2006 on Nelson Piquet.
Jordan: Yes! I got goosebumps with that overtake in 2006, a great move. Thanks for the reply and good luck this weekend!

Omar Kanbari: What’s the best thing about being a Formula One driver?
Lewis: Driving an F1 car!
Omar Kanbari: Do you think you’re going to win the championship this season?
Lewis: That’s the plan!
Omar Kanbari: It always is! We believe in you.

Dan Hall #44: Hey Lewis! What is your favourite car to drive on the road? :-)
Lewis: Smart car. It’s electric and awesome.
Dan Hall #44: That’s cool! Thanks for replying, I will be at Silverstone this weekend supporting you!

Ameen: What are your hobbies? :-)
Lewis: Music, being with my family and racing!!

Devansh: Hello Lewis! Pleasure to speak to you. Are you in favour of the new changes for 2015? Especially the standing starts after safety cars??
Lewis: Not really! We’ll have to wait and see!
Devansh: Ok… hope the best for you in the races to come :-)

The Question (C00121846): Wondering if I can ask you a question about the new sounds of the engines… I pretty much hated it when the season started but I’m slowly growing accustomed to it – even though I’m still a bit nervous about hearing them live at Silverstone this weekend. How are you finding it? Does it detract from the sensation of speed in any way? Would love to know.
Lewis: It’s quiet but much more efficient which is good.
The Question (C00121846): Yeah it definitely seems to have added an extra element to the races – which is always a good thing.

Gregor: Which team do you want to win the World Cup?
Lewis: After England were knocked out, it has to be Brazil!

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