Lewis: “I have full trust and confidence in the team”

Lewis: “I have full trust and confidence in the team”

Q: This is the first time that you’ve seen the team since Monaco. How is the atmosphere in the team and have you learned any lessons?

LH: Things are good with the team. I’m excited to move on to this weekend. So, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing because that’s done pretty good for me up until now.

Q: How would you describe the confidence level to the team right now?

LH: Same as always. 100 per cent.

Q: In Monaco, in the immediate aftermath of it all, you were asked to put it into words how you felt. You said you couldn’t because it was all so raw at the time. Looking back now, can you put into words how it felt and how you then subsequently got over the events of Sunday?

LH: First of all, I don’t look back. I’m looking forwards. So, honestly, I have not thought about the last race for a long time. I’ve just been thinking about the next race, putting my mind to other things, training hard and trying to come back strong this weekend. So, it’s really irrelevant what happened in the past now. There’s nothing you can do about it so there’s no point dwelling on it.

Q: Could you have over-ruled your team decision? And when you stopped at Portier, in your mind, was it a real possibility to do what Senna did a few of years ago and go directly to your flat?

LH: There’s going to be a lot of questions about Monaco but I’m really not going back over it. I’ve moved on and I don’t even have to think about it. I can’t do anything about the past so there’s honestly no point in thinking about it. It’s about trying to shape the future. I’ve got lots and lots of races to come and lots of improvements that can be made. I’ve got a great team, got a great car and there’s a Championship to be won so that’s all I’m focused on. It doesn’t matter what I feel or had felt or feel now about it. I’m literally thinking about this race, I’m excited, I feel good, I feel fit, I feel strong so all positives.



Q: On the subject of looking forward there, do you have full trust in the strategic calls that the team make and do you feel that for the following races there’s any need to change any procedures you may or may not have at the moment?

LH: No, I think I answered the question early on. I have full trust and confidence in the team so. We’ve had pretty incredible successful together. One race doesn’t dent the solid foundation that we’ve got.

Q: Canada has been a happy hunting ground for you over the years – three poles, your first ever Formula One victory from pole back in 2007, three wins in total. Is this the ideal place, then, for you to bounce back from Monaco?

LH: It’s a good track. I had my first grand prix win here, so generally I’ve always been relatively quick here. More, though, the aim is just to have a better weekend than we had last year here. So that’s the target.

Q: How much of this track becomes muscle memory for you? When a driver does really well at a track, is it easy for just to be able to come and visualize what you need to do or is it a re-education for you every time you arrive?

LH: It’s not a re-education. But you have to re-boost or re-awaken your mind to remember what the circuit is like. You’re always trying to improve every time you go to a track – always trying to be faster. There’s always ways you can improve. For example, last year’s qualifying wasn’t strong enough here and I didn’t finish the race in the end, so there’s things we’ve learnt from that weekend and we should naturally be stronger here this time. I’ve generally been strong over here over the years – but I can be faster. So that’s the plan this weekend.

Q: You have a fresh engine here – but without using a development token. Ferrari have new engines with the advantage of three tokens. Do you believe that Ferrari can be a little bit more dangerous than usual here?

LH: I don’t know what Ferrari have done so I have to assume that they have improved. For us, we’ve just improved reliability. We still have a fantastic engine, so I feel quite confident going into the weekend. But naturally, Ferrari have been fast in the previous races so they should be fast this weekend.

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