Lewis “We didn’t complain once, we just worked really hard”

Lewis “We didn’t complain once, we just worked really hard”

Lewis, do you prefer racing with another team and wheel the wheel competitiveness or do you prefer dominating and obliterating the opposition?

I love racing; ever since I was in karting – I like wheel to wheel racing and going into a race not knowing who you’re going to be fighting, who you’re going to be up against and how you’re going to outsmart then. When you’re out on your own, you don’t have that challenge. But the great thing is that I have Nico on my tail, which keeps us racing. Naturally I want to win, so you will take a win with a big lead, but it’s not the most exciting way.

Lewis, are there any overtakes that you remember throughout your career?

In 1996, Buckmore Park – it’s on the internet. I took 3 cars on the last lap through one corner. I remember the moment I came out of that corner, I couldn’t believe I went from 4th to 1st as I didn’t have the engine or the car to win that race. It was a great feeling to beat the other guys who had a better car than me.

Were you expecting to maintain your advantage this year given the limited rule changes between this year and last year?

Knowing how limited development time is, we all have that same amount of time. Providing we push forward the same speed as anyone else, we should stay ahead. We didn’t know what others were going to do going into this year but we’re very pleased to still make an improvement on last year, which is pretty exceptional and a true showing of just how good this team is now.

How do you feel when others in F1 say that there should be more equality?

I generally find it quite funny and an interesting opinion coming from individuals that have had so much success. It’s only been one race, so to have comments like that is surprising. On a personal side, it was a big step to come to this team when they hadn’t had the success of other teams and during that time, not once did they complain to others in order to equalise things, they just worked really hard. When I came to this team and saw them making that progress it was great and now we’re the best team. We’ve really pulled together and done an amazing job. It’s not just me here, there’s 1000 people back at the factories in Brackley and Brixworth working day and night to build the best car. We’ve done that with the new rules that everyone else had and with the same resources that the top teams generally had, so it’s something we’re very proud of.

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