Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2017

May 28, 2017 2 p.m. (local time)
Location Circuit de Monaco
Circuit Length 3337 km km
Laps 78
Race Distance 260.286 km
Lap Record 1:14.439 - M Schumacher (2004)

Mercedes-Benz at the Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix epitomises Formula One racing: heritage, glamour, passion and speed. Alongside the Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans 24 Hours, it forms one third of the ‘Triple Crown’ of motorsport: the three most prestigious events on the global racing calendar.

One of just seven venues to host a round of the inaugural Formula One World Championship in 1950, Monte Carlo has been a permanent fixture on the calendar since 1955. In that time the circuit has changed remarkably little. Slight alterations were made in 2003, in particular a new, gentler entry to the Rascasse corner.

Further changes came in 2004, with a new pit complex and increased spectator capacity. These minor alterations aside, the circuit has remained largely unaltered ever since staging its first (pre-Formula One World Championship) Grand Prix in 1929.

A combination of precision driving, technical excellence and sheer bravery is required to win in Monte Carlo, with some great names having ended their races in the Monaco barriers. The Armco barrier-lined circuit leaves no margin for error, demanding more concentration than any other Formula One track.

Silver Arrows Mercedes-Benz Power
Win 4 11
Podiums 7 22
Pole Positions 4 10
Front Row Starts 9 20
Fastest Laps 2 8
Starts 8 24

2017 Information

Session Local Time (CEST) Brackley (BST) Stuttgart (CEST)
Practice 1 - Thursday 10:00-11:30 09:00-10:30 10:00-11:30
Practice 2 - Thursday 14:00-15:30 13:00-14:30 14:00-15:30
Practice 3 - Saturday 11:00-12:00 10:00-11:00 11:00-12:00
Qualifying - Saturday 14:00-15:00 13:00-14:00 14:00-15:00
Race - Sunday 14:00-16:00 13:00-15:00 14:00-16:00
Other information
2017 Tyre Compounds Ultrasoft / Supersoft / Soft

Circuit Characteristics

Circuit Length 3.337 km
Race Laps 78
Race Distance 260.286 km
Lap Record 1:14.439
Record Holder MSC (2004)
Distance from Pole to Turn 1 Apex 226.7 m
Pit Lane Length Under Speed Limit Control 324.7 m
Pit Lane Time at 60 km/h 19.5 s
Number of Corners 19 (8 Left / 11 Right)
Highest Lateral G 3.6 ( T13)
% of Lap / Lap Distance at Full Throttle 22%/34 %
Fuel Consumption( 1 = Low/ 3 =High) 1
Braking Events 9 (0 heavy)
Brake Energy Medium
Track Evolution (P1 - Qualifying) High
Tyre Compounds 2017 Ultrasoft / Supersoft / Soft
DRS Zone T 19-1
Key Overtaking Opportunities T 8

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