My name is… John Andrewartha

My name is… John Andrewartha

Every month, MERCEDES GP PETRONAS will introduce one of the team’s dedicated employees. Their work may be different but they all are driven by the passion of Formula One and the desire to achieve on-track success.

My name is… John Andrewartha

I am (age): 29

My job title is: Aerodynamicist

My hobbies are: Music production, playing guitar, football, motor racing

Q. Before working in Formula One, I studied…

Whilst at school I wrote to a number of Formula One teams asking for advice on what qualifications were required and from their responses, I decided to study Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A Level. I then spent four years at the University of Bristol studying for a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.


After leaving university, I started work at a company called UGS which specialises in CAD/CAM software. I worked with their customers in the aerospace and automotive industries in areas including surface design, mechanical modeling, computational fluid and finite element analysis. I then joined the team, when we were the Honda Racing F1 Team, in late 2005 in the role of Junior Aerodynamicist and progressed from there.

Q. My job, on a day-to-day basis, is…

As part of a small team within the Aerodynamics department, I analyse our wind tunnel and CFD data to develop new ideas and create surface schemes using our CAD system. We then test these ideas on a scale model in our wind tunnel with the end goal of adding aerodynamic performance to the car. The process is often iterative and development directions will change frequently as the car evolves. In addition to the design and development aspect, it is also necessary to make constant considerations to the actual race car and to any possible limitations or requirements that might be imposed.

Q. What I like about working in F1 is…

The opportunity to see your ideas develop from an initial sketch through the testing phase and finally to the race car in a very short space of time is extremely satisfying. We are a relatively small team so it’s good to feel that you can really make a difference to our performance. I’ve also had the opportunity to visit some amazing places and meet some great people during my time in Formula One.

Q. The best thing about working for MERCEDES GP PETRONAS is…

I work with a fantastic group of people from various backgrounds and with different areas of expertise but ultimately all fighting for one common goal… to win races! We have been through some extreme highs and lows as a team in recent years but the team spirit has always been superb.

Q. The most challenging aspect of my work is…

The development rate is extremely high and the pursuit of performance is relentless so this is definitely not a ‘9 to 5’ job! Progressing the car aerodynamically can be challenging but is also extremely rewarding. Formula One is so competitive and even the smallest details can make a difference. In many ways, the challenge is in deciding on which of these details to concentrate our efforts and resources within the time available.

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