Every month, MERCEDES GP PETRONAS will introduce one of the team’s dedicated employees. Their work may be different but they all are driven by the passion of Formula One and the desire to achieve on-track success.

My name is… Nick Haley
I am (age): 38
My job title is: Composite Inspection Team Leader
My hobbies are: Go Karting, Spending time with my family

Q. Before working in Formula One, I studied…

I left school at 16 and went straight into an apprenticeship in the car industry where I stayed for 11 years.


I was a Machine Tool Inspector for X-Dale until the company closed. I then looked for a new job and was lucky enough to be employed by the team in our BAR days and I have been here ever since.

Q. My job, on a day-to-day basis, is…

I am the Composite Inspection Team Leader which means that I have to make sure that every single component is available on time and to the highest quality. I have to organise my team and ensure that we achieve our workload in the given timescale to avoid compromising the manufacture or build of the car. A key part of my job is to try and pre-empt changes or unforeseen eventualities and make sure we can adapt to them.

Q. What I like about working in F1 is…

Working in Formula One is never boring! I can be working on ten different parts one day, completed the job, and then be required to work on something completely different the next day. The situation and our role is always evolving and seeing the changes and improvements at the team over the years is very exciting.

Q. The best thing about working for MERCEDES GP PETRONAS is…

As part of Mercedes-Benz, our team represents a great global brand that brings not only security to the people working here but represents fantastic potential and hopefully many victories in the future.

Q. The most challenging aspect of my work is…

As my job involves aspects that affect many different departments within the factory, the most challenging part is definitely trying to keep everybody happy!

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