Ni Hâo Shanghai

Ni Hâo Shanghai

Shanghai is China’s most populated city with over 23 million inhabitants; indeed the population has grown by over seven million people in the last 10 years.

Shanghai has the busiest container port in the world with 32 million containers passing through it each year… that’s 384 million tons of cargo! To put that into perspective, the busiest port in the UK is Felixstowe which processes 3.4 million tons per year.

Shanghai sits at the mouth of the Yangtze River one of the largest trade arteries to inland China, and is one of the most modern cities in China - after intense redevelopment in the 1990s, foreign finance and investment flooded in resulting in the futuristic city landscape of today.

If you are more a traditionalist though and you are after a bit of Chinese culture, then you are still in the right place. The city has a rich history and attractions like the Yuyuan Garden, Jade Buddha Temple or The Old French Concession.

As far as the food goes, well... there are a few ‘must try’ dishes if you are a foodie in Shanghai. One example; Xiaolongbao is the well renowned ‘Shanghai soup dumplings’, dumplings filled with a shredded pork or vegetarian filling, then served with a clear soup. Nowhere else in the world will you eat them as good, so give them a go!

Logistically, there is a great deal of challenges in transporting 35 tonnes of goods 3700km away and don’t forget that it is not just the car and equipment that needs moving, there are also the 65 strong race team that have to be flown back to the UK after Malaysia then back out to China before going on to Bahrain.

The Shanghai International Circuit was designed by Hermann Tilke and is 5.45km long, comprised of 16 corners, and was the most expensive Formula One circuit ever built at $240 million. The first corner is one of the demanding corners in Formula One: the 270 degree turn is made up of a fast wide entry and a tight slow exit.

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