Ahead of leaving for the season-opening Australian Grand Prix, Nico participated in an exclusive live Q&A chat session on Thursday 6th March, via the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ Team’s BBM Channel. Here’s a selection of your questions and Nico’s answers.

Rudester: What is your fav Mercedes car ever?
NR6: The 300 SL Gullwing.

uzzyNONO: Which grand prix do u feel would be toughest for you and why?
NR6: Singapore race, the heat and length of the race at 2 hours.

Adrian duggan: With the sound of the engines changing for the viewers, has it been challenging for the drivers to get used to a different sound vibration in the cockpits?
NR6: I can even hear the squeaking from locking up tyres which I’ve never heard before so yes, it’s very unusual.

Angel: Hi Nico, are u excited about the new season starting soon?
NR6: Very excited because I can’t wait to see where we really are.
Angel: Nice chat Nico! Good luck and all the best. 7 more days to the first race. Can’t wait!
NR6: I’m flying to Australia tomorrow and I can’t wait either

Abhishekh: Hi nico what was your reaction when you drove the f1 car for the very first time?
NR6: Amazing – especially the braking…

Athreya Ramkumar: What your favorite movies and TV shows?
NR6: Movies – Shawshank Redemption. I don’t really watch much TV!

Allan: What Football team do you support?
NR6: FC Bayern…

Sean Vandenburg: How did the team determine the gear ratios to lock in for the season given the variety of tracks, fuel, maps, etc?
NR6: By running it on the simulator.

Sean Vandenburg: What is the first thing you will do when you land in Australia? Btw, Angel on this chat is my wife!
NR6: Take a shower.

Jasmine: Did you ever make a craziness in your life??
NR6: Oh yes… but nothing I can talk about here

Andisa (Websta): Not really a question but a simple good luck, hope you guys take 1; 2 and the constructors cup! That’s what’s up…
NR6: Cool, thanks!

Woza: Hey nico! I had the opportunity to meet Hamilton last year in kuala lumpur. Hope to see you guys win on Petronas home track this year. How competitive are things for the two of you on the track even though your team mates.
NR6: We push each other really hard and it’s super competitive, sometimes we have our difficult moments but we work together for the team – even though we want to beat each other on the track.

David BZ30 C000E6FB4: Bonjour Nico, comme je sais que tu parle bien français (on s’était recontré grâce à BlackBerry en mai dernier à Monaco avant ta victoire à ce GP), comment te sens tu a moins de 2 semaines de la première course et ou toutes les écuries semblent plus sous pression que d’habitude?
NR6: J’ai juste envie de rouler pour savoir ce que vaut ma Mercedes par rapport a nos concurrents! Y’a encore plein de boulot devant nous pour etre fiables en Australie…

Eduardo Bizzarro: Nico, say something to the people of Venezuela please
NR6: Hola a todos!

Shane#343: Thank you so much to Nico and the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS BBM Channel and Formula One Team for making such an opportunity for us fans to talk with Nico! Much Appreciated!
NR6: It’s been cool, thanks!

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