Nico #GetsConnected with Fans During a Live Q&A on Our BBM Channel

Nico #GetsConnected with Fans During a Live Q&A on Our BBM Channel

Nico got connected with fans this week during a live Q&A session on our BBM Channel with BlackBerry. Looking ahead to the British Grand Prix this week, it wasn’t all about F1 as fans got up-close-and-personal with questions as diverse as asking Nico about his upcoming fatherhood through to which football team he supports.

For those of you who took part in the chat – thank you! We’ve collected a selection of your questions here so have a read and find out who how Nico likes spending his free time, what he loves about F1 – and of course, which football team is his favourite..!

RogerTM– Hey Nico! What’s your favourite football team?
Nico – Bayern Munich!
RogerTM– What’s your favourite GP?
Nico – Monaco because it’s at home and all my friends are there!
RogerTM– Who’s your favourite football player?
Nico – Arjen Robben but unfortunately injured a lot

Sean Vandenburg – Nico how do you think being a father will affect your racing career? Good luck this weekend and for the rest of the season!
Nico – Let’s see, I’ll let you know in a few weeks time
Sean Vandenburg – Do you think you can change a diaper as fast as the team can change your tires?!!?
Nico – Definitely not but I will give it my best shot because I don’t want to handle that smell for too long!

Param Patel – Hello Nico, I’m a very very very big fan of you. What are the things that you love about a F1 car
Nico – Thanks for the support. Winning is what I love! Easy answer
Param Patel – And which circuit is your favourite to drive on?
Nico – Monaco, home GP through my streets. The best challenge!

Angel – Nico, do you prefer racing in the rain or the dry? Will you get a ‘family’ car when the baby is born? And what would that be?
Nico – We already have the ML and GLK old timers!
Angel – Are you planning to slow down with a kid in the back? Lol
Nico – Yes I will drive even more responsibly. And my wife says I need to put on my seat belt before the car moves as you need to set a good example!

Sean Vandenburg – Where do you feel the F1 W06 hybrid still needs to develop?
Nico – In everything because we’re the best but we still need to do better in every way.

@BenHughes__ - Nico who do you think, if Kimi isn’t signed for next season, is a good replacement for him at Ferrari? Also are you going to win the British Grand Prix? :D
Nico – I will try to win. I broke down in the lead last year so unfinished business
@BenHughes__ - yeah you were going really well last year hope the reliability is good this time *fingers crossed*

Angel – Since u prob have a special diet during race season, what kinda food u crave for when seasons over?
Nico – Ice cream and pizza but I do have the odd one even during the season

@JamesLinnane – Question for Nico How does it feel to have to work with a teammate that has been more successful over the years than you honestly?
Nico – I don’t think about the past success, it’s just a great challenge to have a quick driver as a teammate

Dave and Cheryl Chandler – Will you be attending your child’s birth?
Nico – I hope so!! The birth is around the Spa race so let’s see if I’m lucky

Sean Vandenburg – I must say you are an incredible ambassador for the sport. Through the fans. Your maturity, I’m quite honoured to be able to chat!
Nico – Thx great to hear!!!!

Charlie Elian – What is your favourite track, song, and car Nico?
Nico – My favourite song is Outside by Calvin Harris at the moment

Liam – If you weren’t at Mercedes what other team would you want to be in
Nico – Probably Ferrari *red car*

Angel – Ur getting close to Lewis in terms of championship points. And ur start is improving. What else u have to do the rest of the season to beat Lewis? Do you think Ferrari will bounce back?
Nico – Just need to keep the level of performance up. No I don’t think Ferrari will bounce back. They are still too far away from us. Next year they might be a real threat

RogerTM– How do you spend your free time?
Nico – Spend time with my wife and dog. Drive my old timer play backgammon etc

Max Tan – Congrats to you and Vivian! Have you decided on a name for your daughter yet? If she wanted to be a racing driver would you be happy?
Nico – Yes we have. Advice from our friends: do not tell anybody. Especially no to thousands of people via BBM

Sean Vandenburg – The media likes to hype everything you and Lewis say to and about each other. Do you ever feel the need to respond?
Nico – Not really I think it’s better not to get pulled into that sort of discussion

Collin Higgins – Hey Nico, I’m Collin from Ireland. My question to you is what would you consider your most enjoyable year and race so far in your Formula 1 career?
Nico – 2013 Monaco GP, winning for the first time at home. It was very special!
Collin Higgins – Ah a very special win thank you so much for answering and best of luck with the remaining races this year

Charlie Elian – How is your feeling if you lose the Grand Prix? What is your motivation?
Nico – >:O >:O It’s tough!

Patrick – Hey Nico! Firstly congrats on a fantastic season Merc is having this year. I have a question, why don’t we see a little bit of racing between you and Lewis? Always get the feeling that the person trailing just backs off for the greater good of the team.
Nico – We’re allowed to fight. The only place where we had to take it a bit easy was Montreal as the cars were on the limit but if the other car is the same it’s not easy
Patrick – Haha Yes, I can understand I guess it’s all down to the qualifications and race start! ;) Thanks for the reply. All the best for Silverstone!

Bryant N – Hey Nico What’s the secret behind you dominance on the track lately?
Nico – Being the best team and the best group of people! And awesome resources

Adam Orihel – Hi Nico, how can you describe your fans? I can’t wait to see you at the Hungaroing
Nico – Awesome, supportive and look forward to getting your support in Hungary. And creative!

Sean Vandenburg – Do you feel the rate of improvement is ‘faster’ at any rival team? Is anyone catching up?
Nico – In the winter Ferrari did better but in the season we’ve now been at least as good

JC– Looking forward to Silverstone?
Nico – Yes it’s a great track and a great race weekend. Camping with my friends and their tents and I won there in 2013

Thank you again to everyone who took part in the live Q&A!

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