Nico: “It’s a very different weekend in China”

Nico: “It’s a very different weekend in China”

Going into this weekend, what are you looking for in terms of tomorrow and what are your thoughts on the tyre choices?

It’s a very different weekend here; its front tyre limited, which is a whole different setup and a different story. We need to adapt to the situation as well as the weather and be prepared for everything. We need to make sure we’re the quickest to get comfortable with the car and the track.

How are you feeling ahead of the race this weekend?

I’m fully focussed and very motivated to get going. I just want to make the most of this awesome package at the moment and take advantage because we’re in a good position.

What are your memories from this race in the past?

We stopped here last year with a technical problem which was unfortunate. But there are better memories from two years ago when we got the first win; that’s still a great memory for me.

What are your goals looking ahead for this year; do you think it will be a battle between you and your teammate?

Of course we have goals going through the year, but we’re just focussing race-by-race at the moment. Now, it’s Shanghai; that is our full focus for the time being. I know that I can win here and hopefully we will have that chance.

You have some technical upgrades on the car this weekend; what sort of progress do you see back at the factory?

The factory is pushing massively; it’s a development race throughout the year and everyone knows that, especially this year after such a big regulation change. It’s important to stay ahead and keep out advantage, if not extend it.

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