PADDOCK BLOG: Welcome Back to Barcelona

PADDOCK BLOG: Welcome Back to Barcelona

Ever get that feeling of déjà vu? It doesn’t seem long since we were here testing – but F1 is back in Barcelona for the Spanish Grand Prix.

It’s just a short hop in a plane over to Barcelona, so we flew out on Wednesday and headed straight to the track. There’s one major perk of going racing in Europe and that’s that the motorhome is back. The teams all turn up in Spain with their proper motorhomes, so the skyline in the paddock is a little different to testing.

Wednesday is the day for adding the finishing touches to the paddock – but Thursday is when the Grand Prix weekend really kicks off, with the traditional media day.

After a soggy start, Lewis’ schedule started in the FIA Press Conference, joining Max Verstappen and Marcus Ericsson. It was an interesting one for LH44, as we not only found out which colour lightsaber he’d use if he were in Star Wars – purple, obviously – but he also brought Roscoe along. Roscoe wasn’t fazed by his big appearance, though, falling straight to sleep!

It was a busy day for Valtteri as well, as he faced the press in the motorhome after lunch. Understandably, the most popular topic was Valtteri’s big win in Sochi last time out – his first in F1.

After wrapping up with the press, the Finn kindly showed us around his driver room on Facebook live. Watch it now if you haven’t already. One tip – he likes to keep his room chilly! But you’ll have to watch to find out why…

After that the boys teamed up to meet the fans in the pit lane walk. Lots of scribbling, photos and a few selfies too, there was just one last appointment left…

Media Day is a long one for the drivers, who have to work through a busy schedule, but Lewis and Valtteri weren’t going to miss checking out the kart race the circuit organisers had arranged in front of the pits. Seeing the next generation of racers got Lewis nostalgic for the old days – we were surprised he didn’t hop into one of the karts and have a go himself!

Tomorrow it’s time to hit the track for practice. We can’t want to see the Silver Arrows back where they belong. Right…. Now we’re off to enjoy flamenco dancing, a Spanish band and tapas on the top floor of the motorhome! Adios!

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